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Distributions / Last Mile Delivery

  • UnoStar Value Chain Pvt Ltd is the process related to the storage and movement of a final product as well as the information flowing from the production facility to the end user. The term “last mile” is the last leg of this process, as goods are sent out from a transportation hub to the final destination.

    UnoStar Value Chain Pvt Ltd is the management of the flow of things between a point of origin and point of consumption. Such resources include food, equipment, materials, animals and liquids, in addition to data. Logistics integrates transportation, production, inventory, warehousing, security, material handling, information flow, packaging, warehousing and even security.

    Last Mile Delivery Challenges: The “Last-Mile Problem”

    • The disproportionate expense of the last mile contributes to what’s known as the “last-mile problem.” This is because of the difficulty of reaching end users, especially in busy in areas where retail stores, business and restaurants present congestion and safety concerns. This can translate to higher fuel costs due to the amount of time spent driving around making deliveries. Since business-to-consumer deliveries often involve one package per stop, as compared to large volumes for business-to-business deliveries, the problem is compounded on the consumer level.

  We are Offering Following Services

  • •   Milk-run, Long haul
  • •   Local Distribution
  • •   JIT / JITS movements
  • •   Part Loads, JIT / JITS Supplies
  • •   Kanban / DOL Movements
  • •   Air Services
  • •   Consolidation and distribution through cross docks
  • •   Network of multi-modal transportation
  • •   Procurement planning, supplier management
  • •   Special vehicles
  • •   Finished goods yard management
  • •   3rd Party procurement services
  • •   Inter-city and intra-city distribution